Give Support to Get Support

As many report says that major portion of Indian society is living in urban slums and rural areas, it means that maximum population of India is living under poor facilities, lack of resources and with poverty. Although now days Government is launching many schemes for improvement in this section and social organisations are also works rapidly for residents of poverty stricken area in India.

But the requirements are huge as the major part of population is waiting for help. To tackle this situation CSR remedies has launch plat form called “Give Support to Get Support”. The whole conclusion of this initiative is just as it’s says. This platform give opportunities to everyone to play an active role in improvement of Indian society through initiatives of PARIVARTAN SANDESH FOUNDATION, also they can get support from this platform as well by earning from their chain.

With small contribution at this platform, people can earn regular income. And their contribution will benefit the society too as the all contributions will be redirected towards the Projects of PARIVARTAN SANDESH FOUNDATION.

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