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India suffers from a chronic unemployment rate especially among the youth .The widely spread unemployment exists among all the sections of our society but it is much more peculiar among the poverty ridden families where they are not having access to education and other basic necessities of life. The adverse situations they are undergoing seem to be augmenting each passing day and becoming worse for them to survive in an environment where prices for all the commodities are rapidly increasing but their income remains stagnant or sometimes its merely worth surviving.

The situation where a family is not sufficient enough to earn its bread and fulfill their key requirements, the role of need of vocational training overcomes as first step to ensure living of poor families & delivery of trained people to industry. Equipping the unemployed youth with practical knowledge and social skills increase the chances to be self dependent and act as a helping hand in support of the family too and the best solution to fight with unemployment among under-privileged youth.

It prepares people for specific trades, crafts and careers at various levels in all spheres of life. Vocational education is primarily non-academic in nature and offers practical training and skills needed to pursue an occupation straightaway. It provides people with courses directly aligned to land a job in a chosen profession or a skilled trade. The end result of vocational education is to enable an individual to attain self-employment.

PSF & CENTER FOR SOCIAL REMEDIES is empowering young girls and boys with computer training, communication skills development & tailoring skills at PSF centers

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