Social Awareness

We need to raise awareness because there are people who are struggling, but do not know that their struggle is important or that what they are facing is a battle that is worth fighting. When issues are not talked about, they remain in the shadows and are not understood. Lack of awareness leaves issues in the dark – unseen, unknown, un-addressable – leaving those who deal with these very real and very challenging situations in their lives feeling isolated, broken, or like their struggle may never end.

If important issues are left in the dark, people may, Feel that they are making a big deal out of nothing, and that they just need to get over it, Be trapped in a cycle of harm, and think that what is happening is completely normal. They may believe that there is something wrong with them, or reason that they just need to adapt. Awareness is a critical first step to breaking stigma, and to communicating to people that they are not alone – their struggles are important and their battles are worth fighting.

We always been active in addressing social evils prevalent in our society through organizing various awareness activities such as child labor, female foeticide, women inequality, Environment degradation, Human Trafficking etc. We have a firm belief that awareness is the essential element which can bring positive changes to the society and can help in to change the mindsets of people and have positive outlook and a sense of responsibility towards these sensitive issues. For the same, we organize several campaigns and events at various shopping malls, schools, open markets and corporate companies spreading the message of becoming a socially active member of the society.

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