Unfolding Digital World

Since digital media appeared in our life it changed our life style, for example now we can communicate with different people from around the world but did they change our life and made it better or worse?. There are many advantages of digitalization like:

  1. We can get information easier , before digital media existed people needed to read pages and pages to find what they are searching for .Now we have google and many other websites.
  2. We can communicate with people faster, in old day’s people send massages to communicate with their families or friends and wait days for the massage to get delivered .Now we can easily send it on Gmail or Yahoo messenger and it only takes a few seconds from our time.
  3. We can keep in touch with our friend in different countries.
  4. W e can use digital media in our business, such as in banking.

Implementation of digital learning in our education system appears to be something extremely beneficial to all schools and students. Children also develop positive feelings of accomplishment from mastering new knowledge and skills using digitized learning tools giving them the confidence they need to want to learn even more new things. It is commendable that millions of courses by the best educators are available for free to anyone with an internet connection. The possibilities are endless. As we are all aware, there are a number of advantages to digital learning, such as:

  1. Engagement: improved student motivation from engaging content and game-based strategies
  2. Time: extending the learning day and year; allowing students to learn when they learn best
  3. Location: anywhere anytime learning creates a new world of opportunity
  4. Pacing: allowing students to progress at their own rate
  5. Individualization: customizing learning by level and modality
  6. Content: rich, deep, and up to date
  7. Sharing: the difference between ‘turn it in’ and ‘publish it’; the ability to teachers to share what works
  8. Data: instant and multiple forms of feedback; smart profiles that will drive customized learning
  9. Ownership: students choosing what to learn, how to demonstrate their learning
  10. Parent involvement: transparency and connections the classroom

At PSF Digital learning Centres, PSF & CENTER FOR SOCIAL REMDIES has came together to provide the public a solution to learn digital world to understand their day by day activities such as online banking, web browsing, maps, social media and e-government services also about safety when we leave our homes, we also need to know how to stay save when we are online using the internet. There are some golden rules that everybody should follow to be safe when using the internet.

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